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Audio Visual Lab

AVAH College
An Audio Visual Lab is an inevitable part of B.Ed curriculum. We have arranged a well organised and full fledged Audio-Visual Lab in our College.with 100 students seating capacity at a time.
The modern Teacher Education is closely connected with the technological devices like C.D's, V.C.D's ,DVD’s etc. For the proper use of these items an LCD Projector is essential for any lab.
We have the latest LCD version of LCD projector in our Audio-Visual Lab. This LCD Projector is able to project the item in 4.5 X 1.5 m screen area. A proper sound effect in accordance with the modern theatre facilities also arranged in our laboratory. T.V, OHP,Slide Projectors paxiscope,.VCR,VCD,DVD, channel related to educational program like VICTERS sound system such facilities are also arranged in our Audio-Visual Lab.

College Library

AVAH College
A well stocked spacious computerized library with a well furnished reading room is provided. The library has sufficient periodicals, magazines, Journals and news items. All the students can borrow three books at a time for a week. In addition to the subject wise books, books related to three languages are also provided.
The subject wise books are categorized in to Reference and Common. The reference includes Encyclopedia, Dictionaries of different languages ,Year books,NCERT publication,NCF ,KCF and religious books, Indian Classics etc.
Total Number of Books : 5205
Total Number of Titles : 3000
About 250 books are adding every year to our library. At a time 50 students sitting capacity is arranged in the reading room . It is arranged with proper lighting facilities for the easiness of reading. Our library has completely computerized like the modern libraries. It will help the students to select books easily.

Psychology Lab

AVAH College
Psychology Lab has been equipped with a few apparatus and paper. Pencil- test items for conducting psychological experiments. These includes Transference of learning,Visual-illusion, ,Tweezer Dexterity Apparatus ,Alexander's pass-Along Test for measuring the intelligence of children. The paper pencil tests includes measuring personality factors,adjustment inventory and creativity. There are altogether about 20 items for experiments.Go Top

Computer Lab

AVAH College
16 Computers with LAN are available in the lab .Lab has the facility to accommodate 32 students at a time. All important softwares like MS Office,DTP,Tally etc are installed in every computers.It also have a UPS and CD Drive

Physical & Health development of students

AVAH College
We are giving much importance to the physical and health development of students. The facilities for indoor and outdoor games like Foot Ball ,Volley Ball and Shuttle Badminton, Cricket etc. are available in our institution. We are providing yoga training to the entire students. It is helpful for the mental hygiene of Teacher educators ,The Physical Education Lab consist of all sports equipments, health charts, first aid facilities etc.Go Top

Travelling Facilities:

AVAH College
The institution is providing travelling facilities to students. The institution has its own bus for this purpose.

Class Rooms

At present we have 6 optional subjects .Each optional subjects has separate class rooms with sufficient facilities. One classroom shall confortably accomadate 50 students -teachers.


The Hostel is an oasis of rural calm and charm which is a shelter from annoyances of city life .Hostel situate idyllic location and salubrious atmosphere and Kuttiadi river flowing at one foot .There are separate hostels for Boys and Girls.

Social science Lab

Social science Lab has the following facilities:-

Different types of charts representing geographical changes, population, road systems,railway systems etc. Globes Working models like day-night apparatus, planetaurium model,time-indicator,phases of moon and compass-needle . Still models prepared by students.Go Top


We have a good collection of Journals,Magazines, Weekly Publications and Newspapers. Journals include Anweshika, Edutracks,Journals of Educational Planning and Administration, primary Teacher etc.

Language Lab

The College has a multimedia language lab for three languages English, Malayalam and Arabic. Interactive software and modern equipments are arranged in our language Lab .It helps the student to improve the communication skills, fluency, Pronunciation etc with the help of headphone and computer each student can progress with such competencies.
The software which is helpful for connecting the students with British and American Accent is arranged in English lab. The Malayalam Language lab is giving much importance to the library items . In Arabic Lab the software helpful for English –Arabic translation is also included.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics Lab consist of Mathematical kit, charts, Scales, two-dimensional and three dimensional figures, shapes etc. The biographical sketch of eminent mathematicians are also included. The lab consist of working and non-working models.Go Top

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